My First Blog Post

Well, here goes nothing!

I have a great friend, also coincidentally named Amy, who started referring to me as “milady” whenever she would stop by my desk when we used to work together. It gave me the giggles when she would just come around my cube wall and say, “Hello, Milady.” And then slowly but surely, we started to use it all the time when we referred to and about each other: “Milady [insert last name], I really think you would like this movie, book, cheese, etc.”

So when I was thinking about starting this blog, I kept gravitating back to that word, and really, all the strong, independent, funny, talented, creative “miladies” in my life. If you look up the word, the official definition is an English noblewoman or great lady. Well, we’re American, so let’s just go with the great lady part! In short, I want to celebrate with my little blog what I think it means to be an awesome modern woman.

Obviously, there’s no exact definition of a modern woman. Every woman is unique and different, and that’s what I intend to showcase here by just being myself. I’m a baker, a writer, I read, I take pictures, I cook, I’m a mom to my animals, I’m a daughter, I’m an aunt, I’m a horror fan, I’m a redhead.

I am no one thing. I’m an individual. To me, this is what it means to be a Modern Milady.


One thought on “My First Blog Post

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