Modern Milady Style

This has to be my favorite time of year in terms of clothing. So many layers, so many options!

I have been having so much good luck at JC Penney lately, miladies! I was never a frequent shopper there, but I went in specifically looking for the black business jacket I’m wearing here, and ended up finding these awesome grey jeans! I LOVE them. I feel like they were made to fit me. Seriously. JC Penney always has sales going on too. It’s always a good surprise at the register! And the shirt I’m rocking has zebras on it. The Milady enjoys a good critter print! I found this one at Also, another great place to find good bargains. And last, but definitely not least, is these booties. I probably get more compliments on these than anything else I own. They are FLY London brand, and were a total splurge item for me. But they were totally worth it, because they are now more than 5 years old and still in perfect condition. If you’re gonna spend it, make sure they will last!


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