Contemplating Aging Fur Children

So, I now have three geriatric-stage fur babies. Time has flown! I’ve had all three of my girls their whole lives, and they’ve been with me through so many milestones in my life. Boyfriends have come and gone, but Zoe, Roxy and Melbourne have always been there. Their love for me is unconditional. They are always there for me with a good snuggle or a wet nose. And, a lot of times, honestly, that’s all this milady needs.

And now that they are old ladies, I’m making sure I treasure my time with them even more. Surgeries, illnesses, accidents, aching limbs: I’m starting to see it all. Yes, it’s painful to watch. But as much as they’ve been here for me, I will be there for them. My love for them is unconditional.

Having pets can teach you a lot: responsibility, compassion, loyalty, and to take pleasure in the small things. If you’ve ever seen a cat stretched out in the sun or a dog enjoying the breeze travelling in a car, you know what I mean. But, I think what having a pet teaches you most is that they are not simply pets. They are friends. And if you’re lucky, you’ll consider them special enough to use the term fur kid.


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