The Milady Regards

Cool Clothes Tags=Cool Bookmarks

This is what happens when you buy most of your clothes online from sites like ModCloth and Ruche: you get cute labels on your items. And being a sucker for awesomely designed paper products of any kind, I want to keep them all. So, I did, and turned them into bookmarks! Nine times out of ten, there will already be a hole and string in there, so it’s really a no-brainer.

River (Netflix Original Series)

I’m not ashamed to admit, I watched all 6 episodes in one day. Yes, it’s that good. Once I saw that this show was created and written by Abi Morgan who also wrote The Hour, that’s all I needed to know. This show stars the great Stellan Skarsgard as Detective John River, a man who sees “manifests” of dead people…and does not hide it well, therefore causing many cringe-worthy scenes. Nicola Walker, one of my favorites from the days of Touching Evil (I need more Robson Green in my life. Where is he??) and currently in Last Tango in Halifax, plays his partner. And, well, it’s complicated. This show has a very Luther-esque vibe to it, so it’s a good show to keep you warm until we see Idris Elba again next month.

Matthew Rhys

Is Matthew Rhys a household name? No. Not yet, at least. I’ve known about him for years because I watch all things British. (Of course I do.) However, after I stumbled upon “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” again, I didn’t realize how much I admire him, i.e. have a crush on him. So, add these things to your must-watch list: The Scapegoat (on Netflix), Death Comes to Pemberley (on Netflix—he plays Darcy—swoon), The Americans (all seasons), and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I think with these four performances, you’ll see how varied he is and hopefully you’ll enjoy him as much as I do!




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