Birch Bark Candles

I do not claim to be crafty in any way, but I’ve seen birch bark candles for years now in places like Pottery Barn, World Market, and even Target, and I thought: I could make that! My family has a cottage in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and we have some lovely birch trees on our property. And if you’ve ever seen a birch tree, you can just pull the bark right off. It’s very cool! So, when I was up there this past summer, I pulled some off and took it home with me.

You don’t need any fancy tools to do this. Just buy some 3M Multipurpose Adhesive, a candle, and you’re good to go. Clean the candle, spray the bark and hold it on the candle for about 30 seconds. I layered different pieces of bark all around my candle, and I did this over several days. Why did it take me several days? Well, that adhesive spray is STICKY. There’s really no way I could figure out how to spray it without getting it all over my fingers, and then it took several washings to get it off. I didn’t want to have my sticky fingerprints all over the bark so I took my time.

It’s a very easy craft project, and it would make a cute gift too. I may give this to my mom to remind her of our cottage in the cold months…or I may just keep it myself for the same reason! Haha! Happy Holidays!!


Cottage Birch Tree photo courtesy of Kathleen “Kats” Barry


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