Milady’s Favorite Christmas Episodes

It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of December already! I was planning out my holiday baking but I was having a hard time finding that Christmas spirit. So instead of watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the 8 millionth time, I watched some of my special Christmas TV episodes. Now I’m in the mood to tackle my baking and the season!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Amends”

In this episode, Angel is haunted by memories of people he killed back in the day while the rest of the Scooby Gang is hanging out in “Sweaty-dale”, as Cordelia calls it. Haha! Angel’s visions get so bad that they tell him to kill Buffy. Instead of doing this, he decides to kill himself by waiting for the sun to come up. But, instead, it’s a Christmas miracle and it snows in southern California! Such a great end scene with Buffy and Angel. It’ll make you all warm and fuzzy.


The X-Files: “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”

Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin guest star in this episode that has Mulder and Scully spending Christmas Eve in a haunted house. Mulder wants to investigate the house where a young couple agreed to a lover’s pact during Christmas 1917. The house separates this famous duo and Asner and Tomlin get in their heads trying to get Mulder and Scully to commit their own lover’s pact. And in famous X-Files style, they pretty much do.


Supernatural: “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural ever. It’s gory, funny, kooky, and even has flashbacks of young Sam and Dean struggling to make the best of Christmas without their dad. The story has them fighting pagan gods in the form a nice suburban couple in Michigan. The boys are tortured and Dean even gets to say: “You fudging touch me again, I’ll fudging kill you.”


My So-Called Life: “So-Called Angels”

In this episode Rickie is out on the streets and Angela is trying to help him. Special appearance by 90s musician Juliana Hatfield makes this a pretty creepy yet sentimental episode of this typically realistic show. This episode managed to make me cry and miss my Doc Martens.


Pretty Little Liars: “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”

I always love a plot taken from A Christmas Carol and this episode delivers it’s take in a big way. It has a supposedly dead Mona haunting Alison as the Ghost of Christmas. The girls also get to dress in fabulous outfits (one of the many reasons I love this show) and attend an Ice Ball thrown by Alison herself.



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