Modern Milady Style: Deck the Halls Edition

When I was growing up, my family always got a real tree. I would go with my mom and pick it out, help decorate, give it water every day, and lay under it to read every night with our dog Mandy. To me, it’s one of the best parts of Christmas! So, even though I have a tiny house, I still get a real tree. It makes my house smell wonderful, puts me in the holiday spirit, and I love adding my own crazy ornaments to it every year. Of course I have a lot of food, animals and nautical-themed ornaments. Haha! So, in this edition of Modern Milady Style, you get to see a bit of my living room and its amazing custom mid-century built-in entertainment center. I try to get a tree that’s still full, yet skinny enough so I can still see my TV. It can be a challenge. Enough about the tree, let’s talk about my clothes, right?! So, I’m wearing a set of my favorite corduroy pants from, a black cotton long sleeve top from Target, and a geometric batwing sweater from Alright, miladies, let’s deck the halls in style!! Happy Holidays!


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