Modern Milady Style

I love a good jumper, miladies. Yes, I went to Catholic school, and yes, I wore a uniformed plaid jumper. So, is that why I’m comfortable in them? Possibly. But I’ll admit they do kind of bring out the little kid in me, so that’s why I sought out my neighbor’s swing set for this photo!

I’m wearing one of my simple Old Navy sweaters with little nautical wheels all over it. I found this black jumper (I also have one in navy blue!) from Modcloth, along with these adorable zippered booties which quickly became a favorite of mine. And I’ve paired all this with some comfy over-the-knee sock tights.

It’s been crazy weather in Cincinnati this winter, freezing one day, in the 50s the next, so this is a great outfit for those weird indeterminate temperature days. My advice: have fun with what you wear, no matter the weather!!


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