The Milady Regards


It has been a very mild winter here in Cincinnati, but we finally got some snow! That’s my backyard. PREEEEETTTTTTYYY!!!!

A Head Full of Ghosts: A Novel, Paul Tremblay

I have never been scared by a book. Movies, yes. Books, no. Until now. This book really creeped me out! Well done, Mr. Tremblay. This is not for amateurs, kids. The story centers around a teenage girl named Marjorie who is either spiraling down into madness, or is possessed by the devil. The family soon finds themselves the subject of a reality TV show until events explode and end in tragedy. Told from the point of view of Marjorie’s younger sister who recalls incidents her 8-year-old-self witnessed, this book is truly mind-bending and chilling. Happy reading!!


Penny Dreadful

I have never seen anything like this show. When I think of how to describe it, I come up with 2 words: batshit crazy. It’s demented, unnerving, beautiful, haunting, fun, poetic, and totally unique. It takes famous characters you’ve heard of (Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein) and mixes in completely new ones (Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray). This show brings all these characters together and explores their origin stories in Victorian England. The star of the series is Eva Green, who I swear practically kills herself in every episode of the show’s 2 seasons. I was so happy to see she got nominated for a Golden Globe this year. And, trust me, you will fall in love with Josh Hartnett’s troubled American character, Ethan Chandler. If you’re up for something totally new, check out this show.





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