Modern Milady Style: Vintage Kitchen Edition

Look at these vintage beauties! I’m so proud. Haha!

I scored this vintage Dansk Kobenstyle cookware through a local consignment shop where my aunt volunteers. I stopped in for a visit one day and these orange lovelies were just calling my name! Once only a vintage find, the Dansk Kobenstyle cookware line was re-released a few years ago and is now available from Lenox. There are so many benefits beyond just the style of this cookware. It’s made from enameled steel which is lighter than clad steel or cast iron, and it’s easily cleanable which is a huge plus for little ole dishwasher-less me! And those lids? Oh, they’re not just lids. You can use them as trivets! I have used these on both the stovetop and in the oven. Stylish, multi-faceted, and practical.

Now, on to that beautiful green Cornwall electric warming tray. My cousin gave this to me as a gift. She said she saw it and thought of me immediately! It has a date stamp of October 1973 and it’s still in full working order. I used it this past Thanksgiving and it kept the food hotter than the new warming tray my mom brought. Plus, it’s way prettier. I’ve looked into these online and they come in a variety of colors: green, black, yellow, and even red. Another notch on the scoreboard for vintage functionality and style!


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