The Milady’s Extra Role

In 2014, Hollywood came to Cincinnati, and I was cast as an extra in the movie Carol. Now that the 2016 movie awards season is over, I can say I was in an Oscar-nominated film, but, alas, not an Oscar-winning film. I was sad to see that Carol was nominated in several categories but took home no statues the other night.

Carol finally came out this winter, and I saw the movie in the theater twice and saw myself on screen several times! Talk about a surreal experience! I never thought I would be in a movie, never even entertained the thought of trying to be in a movie, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up.

I was chosen to be on set 3 days, and I had 3 totally different looks. I had close encounters with both Cate Blanchett and her real-life sons. Yes, she IS that pretty in person and her boys have adorable Australian accents. It was an amazing, fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m so glad I put myself out there like that. I got to wear vintage clothes, have my hair done by the best in the business, got to see what it’s really like to make a movie, and left the set still feeling like it was magical.

**Milady Note: Thanks to my friends who snapped these pictures while they watched Carol and sent them to me!!


That’s me with the umbrella and green coat!


That’s the blurry image of my “husband” and the back of my head!


There we are, shopping for our imaginary children, Sally and Bobby, of course.


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