The Milady Regards

–In other words, things I’m thinking highly of at the moment.–


North Coast Organic Apple Juice

This is seriously the best apple juice I’ve ever tasted. Ever. Go getcha some!! I found this at Meijer.


True Detective Season 2 and “My Least Favorite Life” by Lera Lynn

I had only heard bad things about the second season of True Detective. Many friends told me not to even bother. But with a cast that includes Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, I would not be deterred. Honestly, I was so in love with the writing of season 1 by Nic Pizzolatto that I think I’ll watch anything he does.

And my take on season 2?? I loved it!! It’s very different than season 1, yes, but I’m fine with that. Vince Vaughn is the stand out for me. I think this is the best acting he’s ever done. He should always be this character. So, my advice is this: if you liked the writing and the mood of season 1 and you’re not dissuaded by McConaughey and Harrelson not being in season 2, then give it a try.

As for Lera Lynn, she and her music are characters in this season. She wrote many of the songs with T Bone Burnett and Roseanne Cash, and appears in the shady bar where Vaughn and Farrell meet. Her voice is haunting, and this song in particular is my favorite on the soundtrack. I think it’s a brilliant move on Pizzolatto’s part to not only have songs written for the show, but to develop a musical character. Can you tell I like him?



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