Modern Milady Style

The dragonfly tunic and 80s-style oversized blazer I’m rocking are from Ruche. I love this blazer; it really makes me feel like I’m channeling Molly Ringwald when I wear it. Pretty in Pink, miladies, ’nuff said. Duckie says is best: “This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvelous!” 😉

Sadly, I purchased half of this outfit on, a site that just announced they are closing. 😦  Go now to the site for some great final sale steals!!

Blank ankle pants are a must-have staple in any modern milady’s wardrobe. These are Merona from Target. The zipper booties I’ve featured before and the purse is an old boho bag from Urban Outfitters. I love that purple! I’m also wearing a chunky men’s Fossil watch I got for a work anniversary at my old job. Spring is a fun time for clothes: mix and match, show a little skin if it’s not too cold and wear light layers when it still is a bit cold. Enjoy the changing seasons!


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