Modern Milady Regards

Come Closer, Sara Gran

Holy moly. PAGE TURNER. I actually read this in 2 days. Then I read it again. It’s that good and creepy. The narrator’s body is slowly being taken over by the demon Naamah, known to scholars of the Kabbalah as the second wife of Adam. This book is very succinct and sparse, but will leave you thinking about it for long afterwards. My favorite kind!


I got Hulu just two months ago, and I’m already hooked. So many British TV shows (Miss Marple, Whitechapel) and 90s TV shows (Party of Five, 90210) that I couldn’t find anywhere!! 11.22.63 is a Hulu original miniseries starting James Franco, and based on a Stephen King novel. I will admit that I was unsure after the first episode, but I got really hooked after the second. Franco is perfect in the 60s era. I mean, there’s definitely a reason he played James Dean and won a Golden Globe for that performance. And the best surprise is his love interest Sadie, played by Sarah Gadon. My friend Bryn told me she thinks Sadie’s probably the cutest character in the history of television. And I agree. Yes, this show is a time traveling suspense-type show, but it’s really the love story that’ll get you. I may have cried at the end.

Man Up

This movie was really a surprise love affair for me when I found it. It stars Lake Bell, who actually does a pretty passable British accent, and the beloved-around-the-world Simon Pegg. Bell plays a single woman who runs into Pegg’s character, Jack, who mistakes her for his 24 year old blind date. She decides to go with it. Man Up is a funny mistaken-identity comedy that will keep you entertained, and there’s even an awesome dance scene!! Currently available on Netflix.

Talenti Gelato

I’m currently obsessed with all these flavors: Caramel Cookie Crunch, Sea Salt Caramel, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Caramel Swirl. Let’s just say my tiny freezer is mostly Talenti Gelato containers at this point.


4 thoughts on “Modern Milady Regards

  1. Heard Acorn has everything British. Loved Man Up. Hector and the Search for Happiness let me down in the end. Simon Pegg knows the lost comic art of funny in movies. Have you seen Copenhagen? Brilliant. Hollywood just can’t make a movie like this. Great Blog.


  2. Love HULU! Sounds like we have different taste in shows (I’ve been watching Nashville LOL) but I want to try this James Franco one now! Also need this gelato in my life stat😬 Hope all is well!

    💕 Kayla


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