Milady Style: Summer Accessories

Happy Summertime, miladies!!

I love wearing fun accessories in the summer, especially bracelets, watches, cute earrings, and fun shoes. I don’t spend a lot of money on these items, because that’s just silly. 🙂

I’m really loving my sailor knot bracelet! I purchased this on Etsy from Tightly Tied. I had one like it as a kid. My parents bought it for me on Mackinac Island in Michigan. It takes me back to the 80s…in a good way! Haha! The watch I’m pairing it with is the Dakota Watch from Moorea Seal, a cool shop and online store based in Seattle.

And speaking of the U.P., the adorable gray polka dot watch and beaded bracelets I’m wearing are from a local boutique in Cedarville, appropriately named The Cottage. I visit there every summer and I always find the coolest stuff! Shop local!

And if you have a nautical obsession like me, your little eye will always try to spy anchors. In any form. Don’t be afraid to stand out and wear unique items that really tell a story about who you are!


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