Snickers Bar Pie

I love to make birthday desserts for the special people in my life. It’s usually a something over the top like my Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cake, or even a pumpkin pie for my nephew who loves my streusel-topped pumpkin pie (I’m sure I’ll post this around Thanksgiving). Well, the new fella in my life gave me a bit of a challenge when he told me he doesn’t like cake, doesn’t like traditional fruit pies, and, oh hey, he’s not really a dessert person. I was very sad.

But, I would not be deterred! It was always in the back of my mind: I would bake him something for his birthday. Finally, one day I saw him eating a Snickers bar. I said, nonchalantly, “Oh, you like Snickers, eh?” And it took a minute for him to respond verbally because his mouth was so full of Snickers goodness, but he confirmed he does love that particular candy bar.

A-ha! An idea was born, surely there was a dessert involving the use of Snickers. A quick Google search later and I found this delightful no-bake recipe! Thank goodness. And, yes, he loved it!


8 oz cream cheese, softened

½ cup chunky peanut butter

1 cup powdered sugar

8 oz Cool Whip, thawed

6 Snickers Bars, chopped, reserve some for top

1 graham cracker pie crust


Combine cream cheese, chunky peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Fold in the Cool Whip followed by the snickers. (Reserve some for top).

Spread evenly in graham cracker pie crust and chill for 3 hours. Enjoy!

**Milady Note: You can certainly freeze this pie to enjoy later. I cut the pie into pieces and kept it in the metal pie tin, then placed that in a freezer bag. That way, you can thaw out a piece at a time.


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