Modern Milady Style

What a bright Fall day this was! It was such a glorious one that you hope to remember it in the dead of winter when you can’t seem to find the sun in the sky. I’m so glad I chose to take some shots of myself on this day.

I had met some milady friends for brunch and my friend Megan said: “You look very 90s today. I think I had all of those things in my closet back then.” I looked at myself in the reflective glass of the restaurant as she’s saying this, I laughed and replied: “HA! Me too I think!” Oh, the 90s. Oh, Pearl Jam. Oh, plaid. 🙂

But, really, I love this outfit. And, hey, if I look a little bit like Bridget Fonda from Single White Female and Singles days…I’m perfectly fine with that. “You rock my world, Janet.”

This merlot-colored purse adds a great pop of color to any Fall ensemble. I like to pair a bright purse with a more neutral outfit when I can. And as for my delightfully drapey boyfriend-style plaid shirt, I scored a great deal on it from Mossimo at Target.

Now, get out there in some comfy yet stylish clothes and enjoy this weather!!! Modern Milady says so!!!



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