Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron

If you’re like me, you’ve likely seen both Hello Fresh and Blue Apron advertised in your social media feeds over the past couple months. Being someone who loves to cook, to try new things, but yet hates to grocery shop, I was very intrigued! They both advertise that you can cancel at any time, and it’s no commitment, so I tried them both out.

Here’s what I found: they are both pretty much the same, with some notable differences. I tried both companies for 2 months, and got 3 weeks of orders each.


Hello Fresh offers you 6 meal options and you can choose whichever 3 you want for the week. Blue Apron also offers you 6 meals options, but you cannot choose whichever 3 you want. If you select one you want, you’ll only see the other two options that are available to you. I found this extremely annoying. And neither company let you pick which day you wanted the meals delivered. This would’ve been a great feature. But, overall, Hello Fresh is the winner here.


Being a print and packaging nerd, this was a big distinction for me. Hello Fresh ships your weekly meals each in it’s own little box, clearly labeled. It was like unwrapping a little food gift each time! Little miniature bottles of things, individual pieces of garlic? So cute! Blue Apron just kind of throws everything into a box, and then puts the smaller stuff in little brown lunch bags and calls them “knick knacks.” Again, I found this annoying. For me, Hello Fresh is the winner here.


Really, this was my big reason for trying these food delivery companies. I wanted to try new recipes that I never would’ve tried on my own. And I definitely did, with each company. But I’m here to say, it wasn’t a winner each time with either company. I’d say on average I liked 2 of 3 recipes from Hello Fresh and 1 of 3 from Blue Apron each week. And, honestly, for my average work week time in the kitchen, these meals were much more time consuming than I would’ve liked.


My very first recipe with Hello Fresh is one of my favorites. I’ve made it a few times on my own since then: Honey Mustard Salmon. I had never made salmon before trying Hello Fresh, so I’m very glad I did. This recipe is delicious! I also got to make some yummy Pork Dumplings with Hello Fresh. I’m sure I never would’ve made these on my own. As for Blue Apron, my favorite meal with them was a Thanksgiving-inspired turkey dinner, just on a smaller scale for two people.

So, to sum it all up: I enjoyed my time testing out both of these home delivery companies but I’m glad I was not locked into a certain time frame and I could skip and cancel deliveries whenever I wanted. If you want to try out new things, learn some new recipes, and play with ingredients you otherwise never would, then I say go for it!! It definitely not something you need to do every week though.



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