Milady Style: Han Solo or Sgt. Pepper?

Hooooweeeee, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these! And it’s the first shoot I’ve done at my new house, ta boot! Time flies when you’re making major life changes all the time, eh? 🙂

I think my husband would probably say this is one of my Han Solo looks because of the leggings and tall boots…but I say this is a bit more sophisticated than that…plus I don’t have Star Wars on my brain, all day, every day. Teehee!  I say it’s more Sgt Pepper than Han Solo….but you decide.

My lovely friend Alice gave me this shrug sweater. She is just one stylish, generous, fine lady, I tell ya. It is soooo soft. It’s Sparrow by Anthropologie, but I’m honestly not sure if they still make that brand…

My blouse and leggings came from my two favorites: Modcloth and Old Navy, respectively. Lastly, my riding boots came from DSW, are probably the most expensive footwear I’ve ever bought, and are so worn in by now I have no idea what brand they are! It’s hard to find good quality knee-high boots, not to mention ones for “wide” calves. Fun times. Props to DSW for stocking several options for those of us gals blessed with thicker stems!

And guess what: Spring will be here in 38 days!


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